One of the iPhone carriers in the U.A.E. has, through its Twitter account, confirmed that FaceTime is disabled on iPhone 4 smartphones that are set to go on sale in the country on Saturday.

A number of tweets posted on the official Twitter account of du, one of the two official iPhone suppliers in the U.A.E. states: "Unfortunately not! FaceTime feature won't be available in all iPhone 4 models in the UAE."

The carrier continued: "There's little we can do about it, but we'll keep you posted in case of further updates."

It was noted earlier this week that Apple removed FaceTime from the web pages about iPhone 4 in several countries around the Middle East, including the U.A.E. Neither Apple nor du or the other official carrier, Etisalat, have prior to today made any comment about FaceTime.

Apple iPhone 4

It appears that it may be a carrier update that disables FaceTime, because many users of gray market iPhones have successfully used FaceTime (which works via WiFi rather than via the carrier connection). A comment by user "Abdulla" on our earlier post said: "whoever buys the new iPhone 4 from Etisalat should not click agree on the message new setttings from carrier".

The UAE has become increasingly strict regarding communication systems that its security services cannot monitor. BlackBerry recently had to be suspended on some carriers in the territory due to government regulations. RIM claimed that the security services demanded a backdoor key so they could intercept messages, BlackBerry claimed that it did not possess such technology.