Online security specialists PandaLabs has warned of a spam scam involving genuine looking Apple iTunes Store receipts.

The emails, which look like they come directly from Apple, highlights clearly false purchase information.

For PC users, clicking on 'Report a Problem' leads to a fake Adobe Flash installer.

"The exe file is actually connecting to some .ru web site to download some other files," PandaLabs KaiJern Lau notes in blog post.

Last month, PandaLabs reported similar realistic looking emails claiming to be from LinkedIn, the business-networking tool. Those emails actually lead to a fake Canadian pharmacy website.

"Once installation is complete, the user is redirected to an infected Web page containing the Zeus Trojan, which is specifically designed to steal personal data. This phishing attack was uncovered shortly after a similar phishing attack targeting LinkedIn users appeared last week, which appears to have originated in Russia," PandaLabs added.

Apple iTunes spam

[Via PandaLabs]