Apple fan, David Greelish, has been collecting products made by the Cupertino-based company for 20 years, and now has enough devices to fill his garage.

Business Insider reports that Greelish's collection includes rare Apple products such as the Lisa computer.

Greelish told Business Insider: “It started when I got my first Mac in December of 1989. I was taken with this weird machine. I started to dig into its history, the story of Apple, how the two Steves started the company.”

Greelish has since written a book, writes a blog, and presents a podcast, which once featured an interview with ex-Apple CEO John Scully.

(Above: Greelish with some of his collection. Image taken from his Classic Computing Blog)

Included in his collection is the, Power Mac G4 iMac G3, iBook, and original Macintosh, the Apple Lisa 2, Apple II, Apple eMate and more. Greelish also has a collection of Apple related magazines, including several copies of Macworld from monumental occasions in Apple’s history.