The Peter Gabriel-backed music recommendation solution, The Filter, is preparing to widen the remit of its service with the addition of film and web video recommendations.

The company today soft-launched the new service, which is currently available in private beta. The company has always aimed to improve the service in order to support recommendation of multiple media forms using the internet.

The new features should be available now to existing users of the service. The company is also gathering names of users interested in trying the new features out, and will make contact as it decides to widen the beta testing pool.

The existing Filter application (which is available for Mac, PC and Nokia phones) continues to be available.

The Filter aims to help users find music, movies and other media they will actually like, combining intelligent technologies with user recommendation. Peter Gabriel believes that the internet means, "We're drowning in choice and we're going to need the tools to find the stuff that excites, surprises and inspires us."

He argues that personalised recommendation means artists should be able to achieve a direct link with appropriate audiences. "It could and should lead to a creative renaissance in which the oppressive filtering of the mass market is turned upside down," Gabriel says.

"Never before has an artist been able to reach out and build an audience so easily - without needing record companies and their marketing departments. Equally, you've never been able to explore all kinds of new music in the instant way the internet allows," he observes.