Powerful music recommendation software for iTunes and Macs is available now, The Filter.

The Peter Gabriel-backed music recommendation software was previously available as a restrited beta, but is now widely available for the first time.

The free software was designed as an ideal adjunct for iTunes and is now available for Mac and PC.
The Filter swiftly scans your iTunes library and then attempts to furnish you with accurate music recommendations, and will also create playlists based on one or more chosen tracks.

The system will also analyse music tastes and cross-reference them with those of other users, making for more accurate personal music recommendations.

In a final flourish, the application can also open a translucent floating window which presents artist and song information about a selected track.

Users require an internet connection to synchronize their collection, but once synchronised The Filter will work without the internet, however, if users make changes to their library they need to re-synchronise.