A new iPhone application from acrossair will be amongst the first to utilise revolutionary augmented reality technology in combination with the magnetic compass found in the iPhone 3GS.

London based acrossair, billed as a hybrid collective company, is currently waiting for Apple to approve Nearest Tube, a London Underground application.

"Forget boring 2D tube maps! Try this amazing new application that tells Londoners where their nearest tube station is via their iPhones video function," says acrossair.

"When you load the app, holding it flat, all 13 lines of the London underground are displayed in coloured arrows. By tilting the phone upwards, you will see the nearest stations: what direction they are in relation to your location, how many kilometres and miles away they are and what tube lines they are on. If you continue to tilt the phone upwards, you will see stations further away, as stacked icons."

Nearest Tube, will only be available to Apple iPhone 3GS users.

Acrossair are also the team behind TVGuide.co.uk, a wonderful free iPhone and iPod touch application, awarded five stars and Macworld Editors' Choice last month. The application is the number one free application in UK Apple iTunes App Store.

[Via Know Your Mobile]

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