It's Halloween! If you're not out trick-or-treating this evening, you can still join in the spooky fun by playing our five favourite nightmare-inducing games for iPad and iPhone.

1. Forever Lost

Forever Lost by Glitch Games is one of our favourite point and click room escape games ever. With two episodes available to play, this game will keep you entertained all week. 

Set in a spooky, deserted building that seems to be an old hospital, you'll need to find items and solve puzzles to escape. It's challenging but hugely satisfying to play. We can't wait for Episode 3!

Forever Lost is available for iPad or iPhone, and there are HD or SD versions to choose from. Plus, if you're not sure whether it's for you, you can download the lite version of Episode 1 for free to try before you buy.

(If you enjoy Forever Lost, you might also enjoy The Room, another of our favourite games)

2. Walking Dead: The Game

Walking Dead: The Game is another one of our favourite games, this time Zombie themed and utterly horrifying. It's based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics, and there are six episodes to play through, all available to download as in-app purchases now.

Playing Walking Dead: The Game feels a bit like watching a movie but being able to influence what happens. You'll need to make quick decisions, but think carefully because they'll affect the story.

What's great is that you can download the app for free and play the first episode without paying a penny.

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3. Plants vs. Zombies

A little less frightening but still loads of fun is Plants vs. Zombies, PopCap's popular tower defence game.

Strategically place various plants on your lawn to prevent the zombies from reaching your house.

The first game in the series is available to download for 69p, while the second game, Plants vs. Zombies 2, is free to play, but does have some optional in-app purchases for additional game features.

Warning: This game is addictive.

4. Limbo

This Macworld Editors' Choice award winning iPad and iPhone app is a puzzle game set in a bleak, nightmarish underworld. Previously a hit on Xbox 360, PC, PS3 and Mac, the iPad and iPhone version of Limbo's violent deaths and creepy characters make it a perfect game for Halloween. Plus, it's currently on sale for 69p to mark the occasion.

To find out more about Limbo for iOS, read our full Limbo for iPad and iPhone review.

5. The Drowning

If you prefer to be closer to the action, this first person shooter is set in a post-apocalyptic future where zombie-like creatures roam the earth.  You'll need to scavenge for and customise weapons throughout The Drowning to help you escape and take down the monsters that are determined to kill you.

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