Apple eventually launched an iPad mini, now the rumours are claiming that the company will launch an iPad Maxi. 

The larger, 12.9in iPad won’t appear until 2014, according to ETNews, translation here

Why would Apple want to build an even larger iPad? Apparently it will compete with “middle layer” of the notebook PC market. 

The report claims that the larger iPad will offer a platform for digital textbooks. 

The general consensus around the web is that this is a terrible idea that makes no sense, especially given the popularity of the iPad mini and also in light of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s comments that Apple’s wouldn’t launch a bigger iPhoneuntil trade-offs can be avoided”. 

Cook said: "Some customers value large screen size, others value also other factors, such as resolution, colour quality, white balance, brightness, reflectivity, screen longevity, power consumption, portability, compatibility apps, many things," he continued.

The iPad 2 is actually a hit in the education market, likely due to its lower price. During Apple’s April 2012 financial conference call Apple CEO Tim Cook said: “We’re actually thrilled with the results that we’ve seen”. Cook suggested that the lower priced entry-level model “unlocked some education demand.” On the other hand, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates thinks that tablets do not meet the needs of education. Last year he suggests that a low cost PC would be a better solution as it would allow students to be “highly interactive”.

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