Nine former Nokia employees and shareholders plan to publish their alternative strategy for the company at a May 3 shareholder meeting. Nokia announced last Friday its plan to partner with Microsoft and choose Windows Phone as its primary mobile platform.

The group, Nokia Plan B, says that if it is elected to the board it will immediately fire current CEO Stephen Elop and adopt the company's previous strategy, aiming for growth and high profit margins.

The group's central demand is that Nokia must maintain control of its software platform. According to the group, software is the only way the company can differentiate, innovate and create shareholder value.

The manifesto published by the group pleads that Nokia must not become a low-margin, low-cost, original equipment manufacturer with operations that fail to attract highly qualified professionals as employees.

Cooperation with Microsoft must be restricted to a tactical operation with the aim of retaking the North American market, the group said. Under this plan, Nokia would only release a couple of Nokia-branded Windows Phone devices. More models should be produced only if partnerships with operators make it possible, the group said.

The group proposes that Nokia must lean towards MeeGo instead of Windows Phone as its primary platform in the future.