Former Apple retail boss John Browett has spoken out about his six-month stint at the company, claiming that he "just didn't fit in."

Browett was ousted from Apple during an executive shake-up in October, which also saw the departure iOS chief Scott Forstall from the company.

During the Retail Week Live conference on last week, Browett said that his time at Apple was "probably the best thing that happened to me."

"Apple is a truly fantastic business," he said. "The people are great; they've got great products; it's got a great culture and I loved working there; it's a fantastic business."


Browett said that working at Apple made him a "much kinder person," but that "the issue was I just didn't fit with the way they run the business."

"It made things clear about how I am and what I am like to work with, and it will make me much better at my job in the future," Browett added.

Browett, who left his role of CEO as Dixons Retail to head up Apple's retail in January 2012, is now chief executive at Monsoon Accessorize, where he will head up more than 1000 stores across 74 countries, with 380 of those stores located in the UK and Ireland.

Browett was Apple CEO Tim Cook's first hire as head of the company, but just six months later, Browett was reportedly fired from Apple following some issues, including accidentally laying off numerous recently hired retail staff in August.

At the time, Browett admitted that Apple had "messed up" and that the company was on track to hiring new staff to meet pre-Christmas demand.

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