More than two fifths (42 percent) of Apple iPhone owners are continuing to use their handsetdespite it having a broken screen, says

Research by the comparison site of 1, 112 owners of Apple's smartphone revealed more than half (51 percent) said thephone worked fine despite the broken screen, while nearly a third (32 percent) admitted they didn't want to 'claim on insurance' for the damage.

In total, 57 percent admitted they'd broken their iPhone at some point in the past. Of these, 27 percent had caused the damage within one month of first getting the device. The majority admitted they'd broken the iPhone within three months of first getting their hands on it.

More than two in five (41 percent) of iPhone owners also revealed they do nothing to protect their handset, in terms of using cases or screen protectors.

"As gadgets and technology have advanced, so have the price tags that come with them. Unfortunately, more expensive gadgets inevitably mean more expensive fixes when they are broken, so we really wanted to look into how people take care of their expensive consumer gadgets; particularly iPhones, given their current popularity," said Mark Pearson, Chairman of

"To see that as many as two fifths of iPhone owners are currently using a phone with a broken screen is surprising, but it's even more surprising that so many haven't bothered to fix them because they still work fine! Whatever your reason for not fixing, it's important to make sure you insure your gadgets to protect you against breakages; otherwise, if you ever decide to fix your handset, you may be looking at a hefty price-tag to boot."