The latest version of the location-based Foursquare app for iPhone adds the ability to add comments on others' check-ins and better photo options, Foursquare has announced.

When friends check in at a venue close to where you are, you can now let them know by adding a comment. In addition, users will be able to share photos of a venue. These photos will be available to your Foursquare friends and to any networks you share Foursquare data with, such as Twitter and Facebook.

The updated version - 2.2 - of the free app is available to download from the App Store now.

Foursquare also promised more new features in its next update. "There are a couple features we weren't able to fit in for this release but we're working to launch soon. These include sharing photos (to Facebook and Flickr), an easier way to keep track of all the comments you're getting, and a more useful place to store all your old photos," a message on the Foursquare blog reads.

Foursquare has in the past been accused of sharing user data with third parties without permission.

However, it isn't just location-based services that have been exposed for sharing user data recently - even games such as Angry Birds were shown to be passing on information to advertisers in a recent study by the Wall Street Journal.