Crowds of people turned up at three Foxconn plants after the Chinese New Year looking for work, according to a report.

Digitimes says that the company's plants in Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and Wuhan all attracted large crowds of people looking for jobs after the week-long holiday.

The report notes that Foxconn has been called a "fear factory" by US media outlets after two New York Times reports criticised working conditions in the company's plants.

The reports have led other media outlets and campaign groups to put pressure on Apple - one of Foxconn's major manufacturing partners - to do more to improve working conditions in its supply chain.

However, other campaign groups and Apple's CEO Tim Cook have questioned the accuracy of the report.

But Digitimes says that the wages on offer to Foxconn recruits, as well as accommodation, have attracted large numbers to seek work with the company. Indeed, other companies are suffering from labour shortages due to Foxconn's appeal to potential employees, Digitimes claims.  

Meanwhile, Foxconn is reportedly set to build five new plants in Brazil, government officials in the country said earlier this week.