Foxconn plans to build five new plants in Brazil that will produce iPads as well as other tablet PCs, a report has claimed.

Portuguese-language website Folha reports that  São Paulo's Secretary of Planning and Development of the State, Julio Semeghini revealed the news though Foxconn has refused to comment on what it called "pure speculation" when talking to the Economia website.

The five factories will apparently produce iPads, other tablet PCs and notebooks, as well as general electronics equipment, the report claims, and will add to Foxconn's existing plant in the country that already produces iPads and iPhones.

Each of the five new plants will have around 1,000 workers when they are up and running and within five years will be able to produce 400 million units collectively every year, it is claimed. The locations of the factories haven't yet been decided but Brazilian government officials and Foxconn management are believed to be thrashing these details out at the moment.