The free app giveaway in celebration of the App Store’s fifth anniversary has already pushed eight of the selected apps into the Top Ten on iTunes. Infinity Blade II, Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP, Where’s My Water, Badland, Tiny Wings, Traktor DJ, Day One, Over, How to Cook Everything  and Barefoot World Atlas were all made free early yesterday morning.

It appears Apple only plans to release five free apps and five free games in celebration of the anniversary Apple made a statement on Twitter earlier this morning with the list of five apps and five games they’d released for free, writing: “Get five innovative apps and five landmark games for free as we celebrate”, this is the first official information on the matter despite customers already noticing the cut prices yesterday.

The list is currently on iTunes. Accompanying the free apps and games is a ‘Milestones’ page, listing achievements by Apple through the last five years of the app store. It begins with the opening of the store on 10 July 2008 and goes on to show that over 10 million downloads were made during the first weekend alone. By April 2009, a billion downloads had been made and the total doubled to two billion in less than six months. Mid-2010 and over $1billion had been paid out to developers with that to doubling to $2billion paid out by March 2011.

Last year the App Store became available in 155 countries and this year app downloads surpassed 50 billion, $10billion has been paid out to developers since the App Store’s launch. The App Store is five years old tomorrow. What did we do without it?

Keep checking online and iTunes for announcements in case more free apps are released. You might just be lucky and find that the app you wanted is now free when you look for it. None of the free apps on offer have ever been made free before but plenty of others such as Fishing Kings and Sonic Jump have in Apple’s generous ’12 Days of Christmas’ giveaway each year. In the UK an app, television episode or song is given away every day for 12 days, beginning on Boxing Day each year.


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