Created Equal has introduced Version 5 of its free video tutorial software TeachMac and TeachIT for Mac and Windows, offering support for the iPhone, iPod and AppleTV.

TeachMac and TeachIT are free applications that, together, form a cross platform, customizable video tutorial system with searchable library of 150 tutorials across multiple topics.

Topics include iTunes, Pages, Photoshop, PHP and Building a website. Users can easily mix and match module elements to build a unique reference library, and tailor instruction for friends or classes.

The TeachMac/TeachIT system also allows anyone to create and sell their own tutorials, earning 100 per cent of the sale as well as a portion of subscription sales.

The new version delivers better performance and improvements that should enable tutorial authors to produce better interactive content.

For users the revised software offers easier access to free content, and a single application for both a la carte purchasers and subscription holders.

The new iPhone, iPod and Apple TV export option isn't available across all tutorials - it depends on the author, explains company president, Byron Turner: "Whether or not content is exportable is determined by each author. From now on, all materials we author will be exportable and we think most of our authors will do the same.”

Created Equal is a non-profit educational corporation. Proceeds from the sale of subscriptions help to fund the Oasis Project, a permanent, long term sustainable domestic violence shelter and recovery centre for women and children.