Marjorie Scardino, the Chief Executive of Financial Times owner Pearson, is heading for conflict with Apple because of the terms demandend for print app subscriptions on the App Store. These include keeping 30 percent of subscription revenues and retaining control of customer information.

The Guardian reports today that Scardino argues that as competition increases publishers will no longer have to cave-in to these demands. Scardino, speaking on a call with journalists about Pearson's full-year results on Monday, said online provided a "global opportunity" for Pearson, with digital revenues now accounting for 40% of FT Group's revenues after strong growth in 2010.

"It is unclear how their proposal is going to work, we are still talking to them," The Guardian reports Scardino as saying. "The important thing to remember is there are many, many tablets coming out and multiple devices ... [from] Kindle to mobiles. If indeed Apple are not happy to give us customer data then maybe we will get it somewhere else."