Further evidence that the next-generation iPod nano will have a camera has come to light.

Earlier this week, Macworld reported that the iPod nano could be about to get a camera when leaked pictures of such a device emerged.

Patently Apple has discovered a patent application, originally filed in Q4 2009, that outlines a number of new features for an iPod nano, other iOS devices and fashion accessories.

As well as a camera, the new iPod nano could have dynamic screensaver technology, the patent reveals. Using a sensor of some kind - possibly a camera - the nano can adjust the screensaver according to the environment it is in, turning it into a fashion accessory of sorts. One tantalising possibility is that the display could change colour to match the clothing of the nano's owner.

When the display or the device is not in use, a number of dynamic elements could be displayed according to the input provided by the sensor. Another possibility is that the sensor could be a microphone, so the display could change according to the volume and intensity of ambient noise, according to the patent.

Apple is likely to make iPod-related announcements in September.