Fusion-io has launched itself into the software defined storage market with the release of its ION Data Accelerator solution, which it claims can both improve data centre performance and allow customers to run an open server architecture.

ION Data Accelerator, in combination with Fusion-io's ioMemory cards, claims to deliver over one million I/Os per second with up to 6GB per second throughput and under 0.06 millisecond latency.

One of the main features of the tool is that it is persistent, which ensures that data is not lost if an unexpected power outage or server failure occurs.

"People like to have their storage resource accessible and shareable on a network, in the same way that they use proprietary storage arrays. ION takes an industry-standard server, coupled with Fusion-ioMemory flash products inside that server, and makes it better, cheaper, faster and more open," said Gary Orenstein, vice-president of products at Fusion-io.

"We're finally allowing customers to realise the benefits of open server architectures. They have been hindered in the past by having to buy proprietary storage. What we are saying now is pick the server of your choice, put ioMemory in there, and use ion software to make that look and appear to your servers as a storage resource."

Fusion-io has approximately a dozen early access customers with ION in production, and is planning a general release in the autumn.

It was revealed in June that Cisco will get on board with Fusion-io's flash storage modules later this year, becoming the latest server maker to offer the technology that is already available in servers from IBM, Dell and HP.