The deal between Apple and GCap to bring radio to the iPhone and iPod touch looks a little clearer this morning with the launch of new streaming radio services for these devices.

GCap has introduced a new way listeners can stream music from the company's UK stations, which inlcude London new music station, XFM, directly to their iPhone (or iPod touch) using WiFi from

They can stream a station, access podcasts, and look up the last five songs played by station. In a pioneering new initiative, listeners can also buy single tracks as played by the station using their device, or get a CD album from Amazon using links provided within the recently played music list.

GCap hopes to develop the iPod service so listeners can tag, or bookmark, news items, interviews and promotions they hear and then return to them when they have more time.

Nick Piggott, GCap's head of creative technology, describes the Apple development as "the work of a bunch of dedicated wizards in our creative technology team, who were determined to find a way of getting radio onto one of the most popular mobile media devices".

GCap believes it is the first radio group in the world to be streaming live radio to Apple's iPod Touch music player and the iPhone.