GEAR4 has introduced a set of Bluetooth-enabled speakers, the HouseParty Blu.

Alongside Bluetooth 2.0 support, the 30-watt stereo speaker system also offers an iPod dock, so it's a solution for Apple's music player as well as any device with Bluetooth support, such as many music mobile phones. It features a bank of illuminated (LED) controls and a line-in port for other devices.

However, it should be noted that in order to enjoy music send from the iPod in stereo it will be necessary to plug your iPod in to Gear4's Bluetooth sender dongle as normal Bluetooth does not support stereo transmission. This dongle will not be available until June. Some music phones, such as Sony Ericsson's K800i are able to send stereo music to the HouseParty Blu is because they already feature new A2DP technology.

The product introduction is an expansion to Gear4's growing range of Bluetooth accessories, which also includes the critically-acclaimed BuEye system for integrating mobile phones with iPod.

Company managing director Tom Dudderidge said: “Rather than the new generation of MP3-playing mobile phones replacing the iPod, we believe that people will begin to use both devices to play their music. Just as land-lines and mobile phones co-exist, we think the music phone and the iPod will live side by side for a long time to come. There are already millions of people out there who own both an iPod and a Bluetooth music phone so developing a speaker that supports both devices makes perfect sense”

HouseParty Blu costs £79.99 (including VAT) and is available now. It ships with a remote control.