Despite numerous reports that suggest Apple won't launch a television until 2015 at the earliest, analyst Gene Munster remains a firm believer that the company will launch a TV, dubbed iTV, in 2014.

The Piper Jaffray analyst has been predicting the launch of an Apple television for several years. Each time he makes the prediction, he says we'll be getting an Apple-branded television set the following year. Now, more than three years on and no television in sight, Munster continues to make the same prediction.

During the Business Insider IGNITION conference this week, Munster claimed that he had spoken to sources in Apple's supply chain, and that those sources say Apple's working on an Apple-branded TV.

He says that the reason we've still not seen an Apple television is all down to content. It's widely believed that Apple keeps hitting a brick wall with media companies who won't settle on a content agreement for an Apple television.

We figure that, if Munster keeps predicting the launch of a television every year, he's bound to be right eventually. Even he seems to find his terrible Apple television predictions funny. On a slide in his presentation at the conference, he wrote:

2009 – "Apple will launch a television by 2011" – Gene Munster

2011 – "Apple will launch a television by 2012" – Gene Munster

2012 – "Don't buy a TV today because Apple will launch one in 2013" – Gene Munster

2013 – "……" Gene Munster

This week, the Apple television has been hot topic once again after multiple reports said the widely rumoured product is taking a back seat as Apple works on its wearable tech venture – the iWatch.

Current speculation suggests that we shouldn't expect to see an Apple television until 2015 or 2016. That doesn't mean that Apple isn't working on its presence in the TV market, though. It's believed that a significant Apple TV set-top box update could arrive next year.