The Genuis Bar could be about to make its way into Best Buy retail stores, it has been claimed.

A report on TUAW claims that a Best Buy staffer was told by managers that the unnamed US branch of the store he worked in was to get a Genius Bar.

The staff member also claimed that he was told that the store would be expanding its range of Apple products.

The Genius Bar, until now, has only ever existed within official Apple Stores, but if the report is true then it could soon be much more widespread. It offers Apple customers the chance to get technical support and general advice about their products.

There are 1,000 Best Buy stores in the US, with 600 having a dedicated Apple product section. Best Buy also has six stores in the UK. Interestingly, unlike the official UK Apple Store, it has not raised its prices in response to the recent hike in the rate of VAT so many Apple products can be bought more cheaply.

From today, Apple will offer a personal setup service for Mac in the Apple Store, similar to that it offers for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.