If you have an iPhone 4S you may be tempted to sell it prior to the next-generation iPhone launch. In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the options available for getting the most cash for an old iPhone 4S.

Apple itself is offering a good deal on iPhone 4S refurbishment, with up to £270 available for a 64GB iPhone 4S as part of its Reuse and Recyling program

If you have the power cord still, Apple is currently offering the following amounts

iPhone 4S - 16GB (£250)

iPhone 4S - 32GB (£260)

iPhone 4S - 64GB (£270)

The iPhone 5 launch isn’t official yet, but even so many people are starting to offload iPhone 4S devices on to the market and the prices for iPhone 4S have started to fall. Even so, it's a premium product and there are a lot of good deals out there.

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MobilePhone Exchange is offering £300 for a used (in full working order) iPhone 4S 16GB from Vodafone. Or you can accept a £330 Argos voucher or £348 Debenhams voucher. 

Debenhams itself will offer you £269 for an Apple iPhone 4S, or £300 for an iPhone 4S Vodafone (we’re not sure why it’s happy to pay more for a Vodafone model). 

CEX is offering up to £220 for an iPhone 4S (16GB), but it is also offering up to £306 in exchange, which matches up with the price it’s offering for a second hand iPad 2 16GB WiFi. So if you don’t have an iPad this could be a good way to get one (although you won’t be able to put the money towards an iPhone 5).

Perhaps the best way to sell your iPhone is, as it often is, by cutting out the middleman and selling it yourself. The iPhone 4S 16GB is selling on eBay routinely for over £300, and we’re seeing second-hand phones selling for £350 and more. It helps if the phone is boxed and in great condition, and you have a seller account in good standing. But if you have all that we’d head to eBay.

Selling an iPhone 4S

Of course, eBay can be a bit of a headache by the time you’ve paid eBay, PayPal, and postage. So another good alternative it to try and set up a private sale by advertising locally or using a service such as GumTree.

The going rate for an iPhone 4S on Gumtree seems to be £350. You may get slightly more for a 32GB or 64GB model – we’d say probably £380 and £420  respectively, but check out the prices in your local area and see what the rate is.

These sorts of prices seem about right to us given that a new model is going on sale shortly for circa £500 and the iPhone 4S will probably replace the iPhone 4 at the £429 price point (with the iPhone 4 going down into the £320 area). When selling on GumTree we advise you to sell the phone for cash in person.