Apple's 'Get A Mac' ads appear to reflect a 1996 article in US magazine Mac Addict Wired's 'Cult of Mac' blog reports.

It appears that a decade ago, the magazine ran a photo spread that contrasted two characters: a besuited Windows user and a denim-clad Mac fan.

Wired has published a scan of the original article, which featured a selection of captions around the images of the two contrasting types.

The PC character wears an imitation Rolex, has a straight and unsmiling face, and his only nod to colour is his red tie: "Power tie: all the colour he requires," the caption reads. As well as his PC, his bag contains a set of tools for repairing his machine.

The Mac user wears a "mandatory wacky watch", an earring, and has his hair in a casual cut. In his bag he carries a Newton, a Nokia mobile phone and keyboard, among other objects.