iPod travel-guide website Expodition has published an iPod-based survival guide for next week's Glastonbury Festival.

The guide is available free of charge from the website, and promises festival revellers a collection of handy information they can carry on their media player.

Glastonbury is the world's largest music and performing arts festival in
the world. The guide includes travel details, performer line-ups and schedules; contact, general and advisory information and help for people with disabilities.

Expodition founder Rod Cambridge explains: "With this free Pod SnapShot, visitors to Glastonbury can attend the Festival armed to the teeth with all the relevant information they need right there on their iPods. Many people travel to events such as these with their iPods - so we thought it would be cool to give those iPods an additional, and extremely useful, role".

The Glastonbury Festival Pod SnapShot is available here.

Front-page image supplied courtesy of Lisa Rocket Photography.