Glenn Beck, famed media sideshow clown, is apparently an Angry Birds fan. On the July 20 broadcast of his radio show, he explained to his cohosts (handlers? psychiatrists?) the importance of Angry Birds.

Mr. Beck spends several minutes of his show on an unfocused rant about what the game is and why it's important. Among his insights -- the birds "worked for those eggs" and that they are representative of "the wealthiest 1 percent." The pigs, meanwhile, have taken the eggs. "Especially the one wearing the crown," Beck said. "You see what I'm saying here?"

No, Mr. Beck, tell us. "It's redistribution of eggs!" Ah ha. So in this analogy, the pigs are socialists who are redistributing the wealth (the eggs) from the hard-working egg-creating birds. And President Obama is apparently the pig with the crown...? Who Mr. Beck apparently really wants to kill. His argument would be more treasonous if it wasn't so ridiculous and weird.

Then Mr. Beck begins to make an analogy about how Angry Birds is like Nazi Germany, and even his cohosts have no idea what he's talking about. Give it a listen and maybe you can decipher what he's saying. More people would likely be offended if Mr. Beck was being at least somewhat coherent with his attempt to compare a casual iPhone game with a totalitarian regime that murdered millions. To finish off the segment, he segues from "pigs" to his discussion of the police. Wow.

At one point Mr. Beck berates his audience with his passionate support for the casual physics-based puzzler: "It's not just a game!"

Mr. Beck -- this is a video-game site. We cover games here. They're really important to us. But yes, Angry Birds is just a game. It has nothing to do with socialism, Nazism, or your weird vendettas.

Funniest line in the whole exchange -- One of his co-hosts questioned Beck: "Why would we play Angry Birds when Tiny Wings is far superior?"