Google is about to launch a Gmail app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, it has been claimed.

Techcrunch columnist MG Siegler, writing on his Parislemon blog, said the company was "on the verge" of launching the app.

"Google is on the verge of launching their native Gmail app, multiple sources tell me. In fact, I believe it has already been submitted to Apple for review. If it gets approved, it should be out soon. And I think it’s going to be approved," MG Siegler wrote.

iPhone users have been able to connect to their Gmail accounts since the original iPhone was launched in 2007 but the native iOS app has been a long time in coming, especially since most of Google's other services have an official iOS app of some kind or another.

The app will have Push notifications - something that you can't get through the iPhone's native mail client - according to Siegler's sources.

"The native Gmail app will likely bring other key functionality as well: like Priority Inbox and one-click starring of messages. Other possibilities include some of the stuff Google is about to roll out for Gmail proper: like contact icons, better threading, and deep searching functionality. Maybe there will even be some Google+ integration, which Google is also hard at work on for Gmail," Siegler said.