Google is the world's most In Demand Employer brand, followed by Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Unilever, according to networking site LinkedIn.

Another interesting find is that technology is hot. Software was the most represented industry on the list, and Google topped several categories including LinkedIn's global rankings.

These findings are based on InDemand Employer rankings that LinkedIn says were powered by Talent Brand Index, a new, free service for LinkedIn's Talent Solutions customers.

The new service analyses interactions that take place every year between LinkedIn's more than 175 million members and the companies on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn said in a statement that this service allows companies to measure and benchmark the strength of their employer brand.

Bigger isn't necessarily better

Big global brands are well represented in the rankings, but 50 percent of the top 100 are under 7,000 employees, said LinkedIn.

"A strong consumer brand helps, but isn't essential," said the networking company. "Consumer powerhouses like Coca-Cola and Nike ranked highly, but so did leading professional services firms like McKinsey & Company and B2B companies like GE."

"Seventy percent of companies rank employer branding as one of their biggest priorities as they increasingly compete for top talent," said Steve Barham, senior director, LinkedIn Talent Solutions. "The ability to better understand how your company is perceived among key professional audiences empowers you to take steps to better engage the professionals you most want to hire."


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