Google has updated Google Maps for iOS, bringing iPad support, new features and interface changes to the app.

Google Maps version 2.0 was rolled out on Tuesday, and brings all of the features of Google Maps, including Street View, to iPad and iPad mini.  

As well as the dedicated iPad design, the app includes the new 'Explore' feature, which allows users to find out about new places without needing to type anything. By tapping the search box, cards showing nearby restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and more will appear.

Other new features include navigation improvements that can provide live traffic updates and incident reports, as well as indoor maps with walking directions for a variety of places, including shopping centres and airports.

Google Maps was booted out of iOS with the launch of Apple's widely criticised Maps in iOS 6 in September. Google released its Google Maps for iPhone app two months later, and it was downloaded more than 10 million times in 48 hours. However, until now, iPad users have been unable to get their hands on a dedicated tablet app.

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