A day after we wrote that the Apple TV set-top box may be a dead end, reports are claiming that Google is considering selling off the home business of it's recently purchases Motorola Mobility, including its set-top business. Another indication that the set-top box is going nowhere. 

According to reports, Google has hired Barclays to search for a buyer for the division. 

A Bloomberg source suggested that the sale could fetch $2 billion. 

The fact that Google is selling off parts of Motorola Mobility, having already laid off 4,000 and closed a third of its facilities, has lead to speculation that Google only bought Motorola Mobility for its 17,000 patents

Google acquired Motorola Mobility in May for $12.5 billion. 

The market for set-top boxes is a growing one, but it is still insignificant when compared to other markets, such as smartphones. One reason for the lack of popularity of set-top boxes is that more and more smart TVs have the functionality built in. So why buy a separate box.

However, reports have claimed that the new Apple TV set-top box Apple is working will offer expanded functionality and programming when compared to the current Apple TV and its competition. Crucially, Apple is said to have been speaking with US cable operators about the possibility of allowing consumers to use an Apple device with set-top-box functionality to watch live television and access other content.


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