Google will announce Street View for iOS today, according to The Wall Street Journal.

WSJ’s Walter Mossberg said in his video review of Google Maps for Android: “Google plans to announce on Thursday that it is adding its popular Street View feature, missing from Apple’s Maps, to the web version of Google Maps accessed from the iPhone and iPad.”

“I tested this addition,” Mossberg continued, “which displays 360-degree photographic street views of selected locations, and interior photographic views of certain businesses, using sample links Google sent me. These links worked well, allowing me to see the locations and pan around with a finger.”

If Google does make the announcement today, it will be a welcome addition for iOS 6 users who have blasted Apple’s new maps service following its launch on 19 September.

Users have reported relocated landmarks, buildings in rivers and missing train stations, and that’s just the start of the inaccuracies spotted in Apple’s Maps.

The criticism has even led to an apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook, which has been published on Apple’s homepage.

Apple has also toned down its Maps blurb on its website, and no longer claims that the service is “the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever."

UPDATE: It's official. iOS 6 users can now get Street View! Rejoice! Read: Google rolls out Street View for iOS Safari web browser

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