Google has christened its Personalised Homepage service with its new name, "iGoogle" today, ushering in a range of new features to the service.

New features will include more intelligent services and a new Goggle Gadget maker that's usable by less experienced users, without needing to use JavaScript or HTML.

The service already lets users create their own personalised page, populating this with a series of Google Gadgets – mini-web applications which contain specific information, such as weather, stock or news feeds.

The new Gadget making software lets users build mini photo galleries that can be embedded in iGoogle; the photos in it can change at designated intervals. If you later update the gadget with more photos, anyone who has it in iGoogle automatically gets the new version.

There are 25,000 such gadgets available through the service right now, the company claimed. The upgraded service also offers a MyCommunity feature, which will let you know if anyone in your Gmail contact list has built a gadget you may want to use.

The company also revealed that the new iGoogle name was in fact the first internal name for the service.

One new feature sees Google vet which domain you access the service from, in order to suggest gadgets which may be right for you.