An analyst has predicted that Google will make about $1.6 billion from Apple’s iOS in 2012.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster told investors that he estimates Google will take a total of $4.5 billion in mobile revenue during 2012, and he believes that Apple will be one of the biggest contributors at a reasonable 2 per cent.

Munster arrives at his $1.6 billion figure on the basis that iOS accounts for 40 percent of Google’s mobile profits. The 40 percent may be a conservative estimate since a report claimed iOS accounted for 80 percent of Google’s mobile revenue, explains Apple Insider.

Munster calculates that after traffic acquisition costs (TAC) are taken into account, the net will be around two percent of Google’s total revenue.

Munster doesn’t think that Apple’s move away from Google Maps will damage Google’s mobile revenues. He noted that he expects that Google Maps will still be available on the iOS App Store.