Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for iPad and iPhone is now available for download from the App Store.

The game was originally released in for the PlayStation 2 console 10 years ago and was the sequel to Grand Theft Auto III (also available for iOS). Set in the 1980's the game takes much of its theme from classic TV shows such as Miami Vice. For four years after its release Grand Theft Auto Vice City was the best-selling videogame.

In the original game you play Tommy Vercetti, a member of Liberty City Mafia who is released from prison after 15 years. The mob sends Vercetti to Vice City where he begins to build a crime empire. Grand Theft Auto Vice City for iPad & iPhone is expected to contain the same characters and locations, but new mission structure. 

Vice City is a free-roaming adventure game where you can run around the city, and hijack cars (and other vehicles). The game enables you to take part in missions, usually involving committing crimes and, when not taking part in missions, Vice City offers lots of opportunity for diversion (stealing cars, killing civilians, running away from the police). The game was controversial upon release, and many special interest groups attempted to prevent its sale.

The game is also noted for its soundtrack, with licensed music from the 1980's playing when you drive in cars.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City costs £2.99 and is rated 17+ on the the App Store. Click here to open the App Store and download a copy.

GTA Vice City

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