iPods are so in vogue today that regular stories of street crime claim the music player is a crime wave target, but are fears over public iPod use fact, or FUD?

iPod peripheral manufacturer, Griffin Technology, has commissioned a public survey to find out – and is offering £500-value of iPod products to those taking part in the survey who sign-up for a prize draw.

The survey looks at where people use their iPods, how they use them and what precautions they may take to prevent theft.

It's hoped that the data will help identify where iPod users are in the greatest danger, and also uncover succesful methods of securing iPods and avoiding crime.

The survey also aims to uncover some statistics on the nature of street crime where it involves iPods. Whether the regular stories of iPods being targetted are due to general street crime or if the iPod is being targetted specifically.

All iPod users are invited to take part in the survey, whether they have been a victim of iPod-related crime or not.

You can take part in the Griffin iPod Security Survey here.