Griffin Technology has teamed with Threadless to offer a small collection of Apple iPod touch cases.

Threadless, a community led supplier of fashionable graphic t-shirt designs, has collaborated with Griffin, with two of the designs now available in the UK.

Put a Needle on the Record by Steven Bonner comes in a stylish grey and black. "I thought it would be cool to treat the grooves like stitches on vinyl. Good simple stuff," says artist Bonner, who has been a Threadless member since 2005.

I Wanna Dance by Robert Gould comes in bright pink and black. "From Dazed and Confused: 'What do you wanna do then? I wanna dance!'" Gould has been a Threadless member since 2004.

Both iPod touch cases are available from Apple online and in store and cost £24.99.

Griffin + Threadles

Griffin + Threadles