Griffin Technology has officially announced three new products for the UK market.

This morning the company confirmed the launch of the iClear and Disko for the second-generaiton iPod nano, versions of which are already available for full-size iPods. Also announced was Griffin's HomeConnect for iPod, a cable to integrate the player into existing systems.

Both the iClear and Disko for nano will be available in stores in time for Christmas and will cost £12.95 and £19.95 respectively. The HomeConnect cable costs £10.95.

iClear is a hard-wearing, crystal-clear polycarbonate case that offers excellent protection while providing users with full access to the click wheel, ports and controls.

Disko is another hard-shell case for the iPod, which features bright lights around the scroll wheel that respond to movement with a series of pre-set lighting patterns.

Griffin's HomeConnect for iPod delivers audio, photos and video from iPod to home sound system and television with a single high-quality cable. The cable offers Composite video out and a two-channel stereo connector from the iPod's headphone port.

A list of Griffin retailers is available here.