Music-making on the move could get a whole lot easier thanks to a promising musical Kickstarter project. Dubbed the 'Invisible Instrument,' the idea is the brainchild of student Tim Soo, and if made a reality his project will see music creation go truly portable.

Tim's project makes use of both a Wii Remote and an iPhone, and thanks to some clever software, the two devices talk to each other over Bluetooth to identify your instrument-playing gestures. The end result is a range of virtual instruments in your hand!

The selection of "invisible" instruments currently includes drums, violin, bass, theremin, and more.

The project, which you can see in action here, has been in development for some time now; Tim hopes to raise $10,000 in funding via Kickstarter. If he reaches his goal, Tim hopes to further develop his software--and eventually release it on the Apple App Store; that way, anybody with a Wii Remote and an iOS device could pick up and play.

At time of writing the project has already achieved more than half of its funding goal, and has also been nominated for an MTV Online Music Award. Cool!

Will you be supporting the project? I mean, come on, people--air guitars!