Liam McLoughin, a UK based hacker better known as Hexxeh, has announced on his Twitter feed he has found a way to run OpeniBoot on Apple's fourth generation iPod touch.

OpeniBoot, an open source version of iBoot gives the option to run external operating system, including Google's Android OS, on Apple's mobile devices.

Hexxeh Tweeted: "Lots of people asking whether OpeniBoot will work on iPT4. We tested an i4 binary earlier, worked fine, which is promising. No ETAs." Until now, OpeniBoot has been limited to older Apple devices.

The self styled 'Web developer, hacker and caffeine-lover' added over the weekend: "Android is still some ways away, lots more work to be done first before we can even load a kernel."

Apple iPod touch

The hacker's work could however see Apple's A4 based devices, the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, dual-booting both Android and iOS 4.x.

Hexxeh has also posted a video of 'OpeniBoot on iPad' on his blog here and below.

[Via GadgetGlass]