What's the first product that springs to mind when you think of Steve Jobs? The Macintosh, perhaps? Or the iPod? Maybe the iPhone or iPad? What about a hairdryer?

Specifically, the iFeng 4S, which is being advertised on Chinese websites and features an image of Apple co-founder Jobs. (Feng means 'wind', by the way.)

Spotted by the Chinese website Weibo and picked up by MIC Gadget, the advert (pictured) shows a picture of Jobs on the left with the hairdryer on the right.

At the bottom of the ad, the words "Steve Jobs 1955-2011" appear. This inscription can also be found on the hairdryer itself.

While it's clear that the makers of the hairdryer are trying to associate their product with Apple's design and philosophy, the hairdryer itself looks rather cheap and costs 99 yuan - about £10 - though apparently it is a special edition and only 100 units will be produced.

Apple is notoriously protective of the image rights of its co-founder and is likely to take a dim view of the advert.

Earlier this week a television advert for a product known as the 'Action Pad' featuring a Steve Jobs imitator sporting angel wings and a halo was spotted on Taiwanese television.