Apple has revealed that it sees the iPad as a device which can influence more and more people to buy a Mac, as opposed to taking sales away.

Tim Cook admitted to analysts during Apple’s second quarter earnings call that: “We sold almost 20 million iPads, and it’s certainly true that some of those iPads cannibalize some Macs.” 

However, Cook went on to assert: “We believe that, if anything, the huge growth in tablets may benefit the Mac.” The reasoning behind this is that Apple sees the iPad as “pushing” consumers to think about Macs in a new way.

When the iPad was first released, there were worries that Apple was essentially shooting its computer business in the foot by selling a device that was half the price of the Mac and yet still had many of the same qualities. 

Despite this, in a round-up of Apple's second quarter, it was revealed that revenues per Mac were $1378, which is the highest it's been since 2008.

Apple has focused a lot of effort into making OS X for Macs run a lot more like iOS - the operating system behind the iPad.

Cook believes firmly in the halo effect, talking of the iPhone last year, he said: “What is clearly happening now is that the iPhone is creating a halo for the Macintosh. The iPhone has also created a halo for iPad.” 

And in turn the iPad, Cook believes, has created a halo for the Mac.

(Via Cnet)

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