Google has continued its April Fools' Day tradition with a number of product announcements that blend the slightly believeable with the utterly absurd.

First up is the Voice-alyzer, a system to stop you from 'drunk-dialling'.

"With Voice-alyzer enabled, our IVR will prompt you to spell everyday words with your keypad, like "embarrassed", "dizzy" or "Czechoslovakia", before we connect your call. If the Voice-alyzer determines that you are not in a fit state to be having a conversation, it will prevent the call from connecting and send you a text message with contact info for 3 local cab companies instead," said Tina Donaldson, Anti-Embarrassment Enforcement Officer at Google.

The idea is similar to a real feature in Gmail, Mail Goggles, which asks you to solve some arithmetical puzzles before allowing you to send emails in the early hours of the morning.

Next up for 1 April is Google Docs Motion blends collaborative working with gesture recognition, letting you an co-workers create flowcharts and spreadsheets with your body.

"Whether you are letting your creativity flow in drawings, creating a business proposal in documents, working on charts in spreadsheets or uploading files to the document list, Google Docs Motion increases collaboration and speeds up productivity," Ronald Ho, Product Manager at Google writes.

But wait, there's more. Gmail Motion proposes a solution to the limitations of using the keyboard and mouse to communicate.

"We're excited to introduce our first attempts at next generation human computer interaction: Gmail Motion. Gmail Motion allows you to control Gmail — composing and replying to messages — using your body," Google wrote on the Gmail blog.