If you're in the market for a Barbie doll this Christmas, and who isn't, Mattel has a nice new version of the classic toy that should appeal to the inner geek in us all.

According to Mattel, the Barbie I Can Be... Computer Engineer doll comes complete with some trendy accessories. "Always a reflection of the times, this digital diva engineers the perfect geek-chic look, with hot pink accessories and sleek gadgets to match."

Along with a fetching pink netbook and laptop bag, Barbie appears to be carrying an Apple iPhone for all those chitchats with Ken.

For added cred, Barbie comes complete with a funky t-shirt with binary code design.

Barbie I Can Be...costs $12.99, significantly cheaper than an actual iPhone.

Barbie I Can Be

Barbie I Can Be

[Via Engadget]