Since the launch of the Apple TV one of the most notable omissions from the iTunes store (apart from the complete lack of movie content in the UK), is HD content.

This is no longer the case, although it’s not Apple who is offering this HD content, it’s the Washington Post.

The Washington Post is offering HD podcasts via iTunes. The content meets the highest specifications for the new Apple TV, according to the Washington Post press release. The podcasts are coded to play in 720p. managing editor, Multimedia, Tom Kennedy said: "The demand for high quality video via the web is surpassing that of the supply. Consumers are eager to adopt HD content to move away from the drab experience of watching it within a small box on their computer screens. High-definition is the future of video; we have moved beyond standard definition to provide viewers with a higher standard. We knew we needed to evolve past web video to remain a relevant, innovative news source."

Softpedia suggests that this move may mark a “significant shift in the paradigm towards on-demand content”. The news site notes: “Much like the iPod helped spark the audio podcasting revolution, the Apple TV could do the same for the video.”