Mac peripheral manufacturer Miglia, maker of the TVMax+, has been taken over in a management buy-out by the HDMI Group.

HDMI Group announced that it has engaged in the buy-out in association with venture capital fund SEGF.

HDMI Group says that it will continue to provide Miglia customers with sales, pre-sales, technical support, and will also honour any warranties on products purchased prior to the take-over.

The new owners plan to broaden Miglia's product portfolio, introducing a range of Windows accessories to complement its Mac products.

SEGF investment manager, Avent Bezuidenhoudt, said: "We have high expectations for the growth of HDMI Group and Miglia and we are looking forward to our involvement in the business."

Most recently, Miglia introduced the TVBook Pro Express for the MacBook Pro, a TV tuner that exploits the ExressCard slot on the pro-Apple laptop.