A British Heart Foundation-produced podcast has sailed into the iTunes health chart top 10 within hours of release.

The potentially life-saving podcast has been produced as part of the organisation's Chest Pain Awareness Day. It warns listeners of the various different ways in which heart attacks manifest themselves.

The charity hopes the show will save lives by helping people recognise heart attack symptoms and explaining why it’s important to call 999 promptly.

The show is available from the charity's own website and also for direct download from within iTunes.

It includes a mini-drama about a man suffering a heart attack, together with interviews from real life heart attack victims, who explain how calling the emergency services when they first felt the symptoms of a heart attack literally saved their lives.

The podcast also includes advice from professor Peter Weissberg, medical director of the charity, who says: “By far the most common symptom for a heart attack is chest pain, but sometimes it doesn’t always occur in the middle of the chest. It can be in the back between the shoulder blades, sometimes it can just be in the arms, other people experience a bad pain in the jaw or the neck."