More news on the developers working on a version of Quake 3 for the iPhone and iPod touch - they have many more games in the pipeline.

HermitWorks Entertainment has been confirmed as the development team behind the unofficial Quake 3 port. As widely reported this week, the port uses the built-in motion sensors to control action in the game, and offers the capability for two player play using WiFi.

What wasn't known until GameCyte did some digging is that the port took only "a matter of hours" to conduct.

Speaking with the site, developer Cameron Tofer also revealed the studio is also porting its original game, Space Trader, to the iPhone, that game is also built on a modified Quake 3 engine.

HermitWorks is also working on a casual iPhone RPG tentatively called Quest which also uses that engine. The developers are using two jail-broken iPhones.