Apple’s former senior vice president of Software Engineering Bertrand Serlet has been working at a cloud computing startup called Upthere since he left Apple last year.

Serlet worked at Apple from 1997 to 2011. He succeeded Avie Tevanian to the position of senior vice president of Software Engineering in July 2003 and in the position was responsible for the release of Mac OS X Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard. Before joining Apple Serlet worked at Xerox PARC and NeXT, according to an Apple press release issued in July 2003.

Serlet isn’t the only ex-Apple employee working at the start up. According to Business Insider, Serlet has been joined by former vice president of product operations and development Roger Bodamer, and former Apple user interface designer Justin Maxwell.

Upthere is described as a "cloud hosting provider" with "consulting services in the field of cloud computing."

Business Insider claims the startup is “still in stealth mode”, and admits information about it is scarce. However a few details have emerged, including job postings that allude to the fact that the startup was founded by high-profile ex-Apple employees.

"Our founders were key to building the world’s leading operating system (Mac OS X) and database (Oracle) and have a clear vision of core technology for a Cloud OS," notes one posting.