History In An Hour and iPhone developer Collca has announced 1066 In An Hour for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Covering the history of the Norman Invasion, the dying king and the promises made and promises broken, the feuding brothers and the blood-thirsty battles - and more in just one hour, written by Kaye Jones.

The book is targeted at commuters, students and the curious who want to learn the facts and context about 1066 but don't have much time. It promises an engaging narrative, images from the Bayeux Tapestry, timelines, and biographies of key players.

"What is so good about Kaye Jones' book is the way she brings alive the drama between the three protagonists - Harold, the king of England, and his former friend and saviour, William, the Duke of Normandy, and the massive fall out between Harold and his brother, Tostig," author and founder of History in An Hour, Rupert Colley tells Macworld.

"It was a war of conquest but also a very personalised conflict between these three men."

"1066 was such a momentous year in England’s history and it dramatically altered the country in a way that has never been seen before or after," adds Kaye Jones. "I wanted to show that the personalities and the politics are just as fascinating as any of the battles."

1066 In An Hour

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store, 1066 In An Hour costs £1.79 and requires the iOS 3.0 Software Update or later.

1066 In An Hour is part of a series of an on-going series of e-books and applications to help readers learn the basic facts of a given subject area. Future releases include, The Seven Years War In An Hour
and Adolf Hitler In An Hour.